Borrow Textbooks

Visit the Library to borrow copies of your textbooks:

Login to the Library Catalogue

    • Username: Your Student Number
    • Password: Your date-of-birth in 7 or 8 digits
Check out our guide on how to use the library catalogue here Book_sale_loot_(4552277923).jpg

You Can Borrow:

  • 8 books at a time
    • 2 hour loan (reference) textbooks
    • 4 day loan (prescribed text books)
    • 7 day loan (older editions of text books)
    • 14 day loan (general supporting texts)

Buying Textbooks

Used Textbooks

  • The Student Council
    • The Student Council operates an online Second-hand Book ExchangeThe Student Council also has a range of second-hand textbooks for sale in the Student Lounge on Level 1 of 349 Queen Street.
      • Login with your Google ID to view texts available for private sale by other students.
  • QUT Guild

New Textbooks - Bookstores in Brisbane

New Textbooks - Online Stores

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